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Two Robbers

Illustration, Animation, Branding

Philadelphia’s answer to hard seltzer was born shortly after moving to the The City of Brotherly Love, founders Vik & Viv were burgled. Twice. Rather than letting this rampage of theft get them down, they immortalised that couple o’ criminals in their brand.

As well as creating the suite of interchangeable logos seen above, the guys asked me to create an illustration for each can.

The brief? Something that sits somewhere between an architectural cross-section and a Where’s Wally spread. Combine that with delicious, all-natural seltzer, and you have a wholly enjoyable drinking experience from your eyes, to your tongue, to your tum.

For the Two Robbers website (beautifully put together by Self Aware Studio, with next-level photography by Ian Shiver) I created frame-by-frame animations for each of the building scenes. They were optimised for web, social media and ginormous projection art.

The artwork was also featured on merchandise, a massive truck, and national US television. 

Middle Boop

Gordon Reid aka G-Rizla aka Middle Boop’s founder asked me to create some illustrations for their 2020 website refresh. He wanted to go beyond the usual buzzwords and marketing jargon that are often used to describe the work of creative agencies, and instead represent their key values through images.

I was asked to visually interpret the words Immersion, Collaboration, and Trust. For each word, I created a suite of objects that I felt were appropriate and more importantly, fun. The 3D scenes were built in a way that allowed me to combine all the assets from each individual illustration into one big Middle Boop object party.

As well as full-colour illustrations, I created monochrome versions for each to allow text to sit on top of the images without sacrificing legibility, as well as squared-off avatars that let each individual object have their moment.

Illustration, Apparel

The North East of Scotland is home to seagulls, wind, and HANON, one of the UK’s most ambitious streetwear brands. We collaborated on the aptly named ‘HANON x Jonny Mowat Stuff AW18’ range.

I dedicated the six illustrations in the range to the age of cavemen, when fire was first discovered, and HANON’s logo was born.

We also kitted out the shopfront with some blown up versions of the tee graphics, giving the Aberdeen public a taste of what was inside.

HANON were also kind enough to feature me on their lovely blog. Their marketing manager and all-round great guy Thomas came round, asked some questions about what I do, and made my flat look way nicer than it really is. You can read it all here.

Glasgow Print Fair
Branding, Animation

Glasgow’s biggest print fair was about to be birthed, and it needed a brand. Kaye & Jane, the founders of Glasgow Print Fair, asked me to create a fun brand that would define the spirit of the event, along with some fun title animations for good measure.

I created the posters and flyers that were slapped up all around town, helping bring a solid stream of people through the Lighthouse doors.

And obviously, after working on the brand and staring at that zingy orange for so long, it would be rude for me not to attend the fair itself. There’s me drawing on beermats, alongside my very creative pals Anna Dunn, Jason Kerley, Santiago Taberna and Chariso Press.

Counterpoint Magazine
Editorial Illustration

“Counterpoint is an independent magazine featuring original writing and amazing illustration.” That quote is directly from their website, and I can say that I am lucky enough to be among the illustrators they are complimenting so kindly. Here are a selection of my contributions to one of Scotland’s best independent publications.

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