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Two Robbers

Illustration, Animation, Branding

Philadelphia’s answer to hard seltzer was born shortly after moving to the The City of Brotherly Love, founders Vik & Viv were burgled. Twice. Rather than letting this rampage of theft get them down, they immortalised that couple o’ criminals in their brand.

As well as creating the suite of interchangeable logos seen above, the guys asked me to create an illustration for each can.

The brief? Something that sits somewhere between an architectural cross-section and a Where’s Wally spread. Combine that with delicious, all-natural seltzer, and you have a wholly enjoyable drinking experience from your eyes, to your tongue, to your tum.

For the Two Robbers website (beautifully put together by Self Aware Studio, with next-level photography by Ian Shiver) I created frame-by-frame animations for each of the building scenes. They were optimised for web, social media and ginormous projection art.

The artwork was also featured on merchandise, a massive truck, and national US television. 

Illustration, Mural

citizenM hotels Glasgow is 10 years old. Double figures! Every birthday deserves a party, so they asked me to chuck one up on their windows. Everything good about hotels is there; breakfast, dinner, drinks, sleeping, pampering, you name it! Invite yourself along to the party and check it out in the flesh!

Soundtrack by Finlay Mowat:

The citizenM guys asked me to shout out all the partners and suppliers they’d worked with over the years, as well as celebrating the hotel itself. Working from a loose digital sketch, I used Molotow paint pens to transfer the initial ideas onto the big old window panes over two days. Thanks to the citizenM team for their hospitality and company!

El Perro Negro - O Street
Branding, Illustration

The hottest burger joint in Glasgow was looking to refresh its brand. Having just won Best UK Burger at the National Burger Awards, they needed to look the part. When I was at O Street, we created a new logo and suite of illustrations that reflected their no-nonsense, high-quality approach to the mighty burg.

As well as menu and staff tees, they whacked the logo up on the wall in the form of a big old neon sign, manufactured and installed by Black Box. The designer’s dream, really.

Middle Boop

Gordon Reid aka G-Rizla aka Middle Boop’s founder asked me to create some illustrations for their 2020 website refresh. He wanted to go beyond the usual buzzwords and marketing jargon that are often used to describe the work of creative agencies, and instead represent their key values through images.

I was asked to visually interpret the words Immersion, Collaboration, and Trust. For each word, I created a suite of objects that I felt were appropriate and more importantly, fun. The 3D scenes were built in a way that allowed me to combine all the assets from each individual illustration into one big Middle Boop object party.

As well as full-colour illustrations, I created monochrome versions for each to allow text to sit on top of the images without sacrificing legibility, as well as squared-off avatars that let each individual object have their moment.

Rit Dye - O Street
Illustration, Animation
As one of the biggest dye manufacturers on Earth, Rit Dye wanted to tell the story of their planet–friendly product. When I worked at O Street, we hand-animated a social media campaign that explained the benefits of dying old friends clothes over buying new ones.

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